Who We Are

Who We Are

We trace our origins to a manufacturing facility for conventional luminaires at Haridwar (U.P., India) established in 2005 with an ultra-modern LED luminaire and lamp manufacturing and R & D facility at Noida (Delhi, NCR, India).

True North Technologies Private Limited is synonymous with innovation, quality manufacturing, and a value-for-money proposition.

We have a mission to provide affordable reliable, energy-efficient lighting solutions and high-performance lighting products for a better tomorrow by building environmentally progressive energy solutions for our customers, both domestic and international, making the “Made in India” label respected the world over.

We have a culture of innovation and excellence that has made our brand one of the most trusted and preferred brands in lighting. Our ability to be close to our customers and be flexible with their requirements is what has allowed us to punch above our size, despite operating in a market dominated by global giants.

Our people are our biggest asset. It is our endeavor to create transparently empowered, flat-structured teams who challenge perceived wisdom, take ownership of their activities, and stretch their boundaries to grow as individuals, enriching both the team and the organization.

Our manufacturing plants are equipped with the best machinery, technologies, and systems to rival the best facilities anywhere in the world.

Our network of distributors and representatives, both domestic and international, are our extended arms to ensure the highest level of customer satisfaction.

 India is poised for significant growth and ready to carve its place in the global economic landscape. We are well-positioned to be an integral part of this journey.

What We Do

We understand light. We recognize how light can be solid-state produced, transmitted, reflected, refracted, diffracted, diffused, and scattered in all its myriad and sometimes unique ways when it interacts with everything else to create the magic of illumination.

We have over a million man-hours of experience in developing LED electronics, driver circuits, protection circuits, refraction systems, reflection systems, heat dissipation sinks, heat transfers, aluminum alloy, and other material engineering and putting all of it together as LED lighting.

We develop and manufacture LED luminaires and lighting systems. We engineer and produce smart controls. If the business case permits, we can tailor it for your requirements.