3 Major Benefits of Industrial LED Lighting

An industrial environment requires uniform illumination because of a wide variety of operations. Industries around the globe are switching to LED lighting for a multitude of applications – improving industrial, outdoor, and indoor spaces; including parking areas and warehouses.

LED lighting has outperformed other technologies, especially when it comes to energy consumption, maintenance costs, and lighting quality. LEDs operate differently than those traditional  light bulbs and are comparatively a way more rugged and durable than traditional  bulbs. These days, LEDs are increasingly common in street lights, walkway, parking garage lighting, and other outdoor spaces lighting, modular lighting, refrigerated case lighting, and task lighting.

Top 3 Benefits OF Industrial LED Lighting

  1. Reduced Energy Consumption
  2. Lower Maintenance Costs
  3. Higher Quality Lighting

Reduced Energy Consumption

Most of the conventional lighting technologies use various type of gas discharges  – increasing your energy bill a way more than it needs to be. While LED lighting technologies use semiconductors directly use  electrical current to emit  light and  illuminate, which means that the light is a result of a more efficient electricity-to-light energy conservation process.

Here’s another reason why LED lighting is more energy efficient. Conventional lighting is omnidirectional, emitting light 360 degrees – wasting a lot of energy because of unusable light emissions. LEDs emitted light is directly where you want.

To cut the chase, LEDs are extremely energy efficient and consume approximately 90 percent less power than those traditional incandescent bulbs. With advancement in technologies, LED’s are more efficient now than earlier and are now capable of outputting 135 lumens/watt.

Lower Maintenance Costs

While the initial costs of a complete set of LED may be comparatively high, however, you will save a lot of money on the bulb replacement and labor in long run. LEDs are designed to last long and some of these industrial LED lights lasts four to forty times more than those conventional lighting solutions – saving huge amount of money on the replacement costs.

If properly engineered, the average LED lighting solutions may last as long as 50,000 operating hours to 100,000 operating hours; compared to 1,500 hours for those traditional incandescent bulbs. This concludes 2 to 4 times as long as most metal halide lights, fluorescent lights, and even sodium vapor lights. And it is more than 40 times than the average operational hours of incandescent bulb.

So, using LEDs in industrial and public spaces will not lower maintenance costs, but will also save you large amount of money on electricity bill and replacements.

Additionally, since 2008, prices for LED lights have dropped 90% – making LED solutions one of the most accessible green technologies available in the market.

Higher Quality Lighting

Industries and Outdoor spaces require uniform and brighter illumination and when it comes to better quality light, no lighting solution is better than LEDs. A few aspects used in LEDs make it offer higher quality lighting. First, a blend of red, green, and blue light are used to make LEDs brighter and emit white light. Moreover, LED’s can easily be controlled for color and brightness.

Second, LED is directional. That means LEDs focus its light and can easily be directed to a specific location without requiring any type of external reflector, achieving a better application efficiency than that of conventional lighting. From brightness level to color hue, the options for LED lighting are as varied as industrial and commercial requirements.

Some other advantages of LED lighting solutions include:

  • It can efficiently run on low-voltage power supply;
  • LED lights can be switched off and on frequently – without affecting the LED’s light emission or lifetime;
  • LEDs operate perfectly under cold and low temperature settings;
  • It has powerful flexible design features
  • LEDs are eco-friendly as their illumination produces a very little infrared light and close to no UV emissions.
  • LED lights are free of toxic chemicals.

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