The Bright Future Of LED & IoT Lighting

IoT Based Lighting Management System is all about smart lighting, smart buildings & smart future. 

What is the Internet of Things?

IoT or Internet of Things refers to a system where many physical devices in and around a building or a house or in a city that can be connected to the internet. Adding sensors to these devices adds a level of intelligence in these devices and they start sharing and communicating with other devices and a central computer in real-time without involving humans.

With IoT in the lighting system, the entire ecosystem goes one step ahead in providing utmost convenience & comfort to the people. Just think about the lights of your home illuminating just a few minutes before you reach there or lights of the conference room of your office turned on a little before a meeting is scheduled. 

How does the IoT smart lighting system work?

IoT smart lights use wireless switches that eliminate any need to wire the light switches to fixtures. These lights are then connected to a network that monitors and controls them via cloud. They can also be controlled remotely or through smaller devices like mobile phones or tablets. Based on factors like occupancy of the room or place, external lighting levels or time of day, you can control the intensity of individual or groups of lights. The connected lighting system can help you gather a lot of data through its sensors which can tell you how well your building is using electricity.

Benefits of IoT based LED lighting

1. Quicker Deployment of Lights

The deployment of IoT based lights is easy though can be a bit costly initially but it will save a lot of money in the long run.  

2. Lower Maintenance Cost

Once the entire lighting is set up, it can be controlled remotely or through a mobile from anywhere. The cost of fixing any issue if it arises is also very less.

3. Higher Public Safety

When correct lighting is provided at the correct place that leads to higher safety of the public. Smart street lights increase the intensity of lights to help you to see better in foggy conditions by sensing the movement of your vehicle.

4. Efficient Power Consumption

Whether it’s your office, living room, shopping mall or a national highway IoT based LED lighting systems can evenly distribute the lighting everywhere and can save a lot of energy.

5. Better Health of Occupants

Human centric lighting can be created with the IoT based lighting system which after analysing various factors like time of the day, climate, etc. can change the colour and brightness of lights that can improve the efficiency, mood, focus and health of occupants. 

However, the only downside of installing an IoT based lighting system is that the initial cost can be high.