What is Human Centric Lighting? What are its Benefits?

Have you ever wondered why people feel sleepy at night and so active in the morning? The people who work in late-night shifts are unable to sleep well and become more prone to diseases. It is because of our internal clock which reacts to light. This inner clock is called the Circadian rhythm. And because of this, the lighting can have huge psychological and physiological effects on humans. There are countless researches which have shown how light affects the mood, emotions, work performance and overall well being of humans.

Human-centric lighting is all about the right lighting conditions at the right time. It will help us in sleeping, feeling and performing well all the time. Human-Centric lighting is a way of making changes in the light intensity and colour temperature by using artificial light just as real & natural light.

This type of lighting system puts humans at the centre while developing or improving any lighting technology.

There are basically four main pillars to human-centric lighting

  • Spectrum: One can choose a set of different colours that can optimize the mood and performance of the people of the place at various times.
  • Intensity: Different intensity of the light at different times & places.
  • Timing & Duration: Different light variation during various times of the day. The strong lighting in the morning will stimulate the body and send signals that the day has started whereas lower light exposure in the evening will help the body relax and calm down from the tiredness of the day work.
  • Distribution can be managed by setting up a system to switch, dim and tune the light of different places. 

What are the benefits of Human Centric Lighting?

Human Centric Lighting affects all aspects of the human body & mind. There are three main benefits of it which are as follows:

  • Better Sleep: It impacts the quality of sleep by improving and extending your deep sleep.
  • Better Performance: It improves your overall level of concentration & alertness.
  • Feel Better: It uplifts your mood and emotions thus help you feel better.

Every place has its own set of challenges that need to be sorted first. There is a need to optimize the effect of human-centric lighting and the solutions must be tailored and customised as per the need of the customers and the environment. The system can further be integrated with IoT Based Lighting Management System for further convenience.